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Buckhead Life

When you dine with friends and family at a Buckhead Life restaurant, you share so much more than a meal. We believe dining out should always be an experience to remember, from a casual croissant at Corner Cafe to supreme steaks at Chops Lobster Bar. Stepping into one of our locations is like entering a new world, each with its own style, atmosphere and flavor. Though their differences make them unique, they all share the core Buckhead Life standards that make them equally excellent. 


Kyma is a contemporary seafood tavern with an inventive yet approachable menu that is true to its Mediterranean origins. The dazzling constellation display on the deep blue ceiling, white marble columns, and bold fresh fish display are dramatic yet suiting for the modern Greek dining experience. Our menus offer pristine seafood that is delivered and prepared every day. The food menus are paired with an extensive wine, cocktail and ouzo list. Fresh, healthy food (including full vegetarian and vegan menus), attentive Mediterranean hospitality and festive atmosphere await at Kyma. 


Lamb Shack

 Chef Pano opened a ghost kitchen at Kyma in January 2021 to serve his beloved pitas, which he has enjoyed with his family, friends, and staff for many years. Lamb Shack redefines Greek fast food by providing an upscale twist on build your own pitas by using fresh, healthy, high quality ingredients. With every bite you take, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to Greece.

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