by Lia Picard
February 27, 2020

Chef Pano Karatassos suggests using his olive oil to finish salads, sauces, risotto and pasta.


What do you do after running a restaurant for nearly 20 years and publishing a cookbook? If you’re Pano Karatassos, executive chef of Buckhead’s Kyma and son of noted restaurateur Pano Karatassos, you launch a line of Greek food products. Each item is a kitchen staple that home chefs will enjoy having available in their cupboards.
The brand, named Chef Pano, seemed inevitable to Karatassos. “For years, guests of Kyma wanted our extra virgin olive oil, honey, olives and feta. We would fill empty wine bottles with the oil and deli cups with honey, olives and feta,” he explains. “Finally, I decided to reach out to our contacts in Greece and started co-branding.”

Currently, the line consists of two kinds of honey, Kalamata and green olives and extra virgin olive oil. Through his frequent travels to Greece, where he still has family, Karatassos met producers at markets and sourced the ingredients that are sure to delight his customers.
Each of the products is delicious, but the aromatic honeys shine with their own unique terroir. He explains, “The forest honey from Mount Olympus is robust and earthy, as its name suggests, and it’s a honey most Europeans would say they grew up on.” The thyme honey, on the other hand, is fragrant with floral and herbal notes. Despite their differences, they can be eaten similarly. Karatassos suggests enjoying the honeys on buttered toast in the morning or with fresh berries as a snack during the day.
The Chef Pano line is available at Kyma (with the exception of the feta, which will be available this summer) and select products are available through his website.
3085 Piedmont Rd.
Atlanta 30305