I have put my heart and soul and years of kitchen time into the creation of this Modern Greek Cooking cookbook.  Yet it would not be what it is, or even possible, without the passion, hard work and dedication of so many others.

Not the least of which include my amazing kitchen team at Kyma, and of course, chef and photographer, Francesco Tonelli. (pictured kneeling to the left of me).

Pictured in the center is Eric Cutillo…  He is one of my former Chef de Cuisines that was extremely helpful in testing all of the recipes for the book.  He played a huge role in helping me set up and execute the recipes for the photo shoot.

Far right is my right hand man in the kitchen, Raton Das.  Raton has the amazing ability to read my mind and keeps all of us organized in the kitchen and especially during the photo shoot.

Far left is my Pastry Chef of 16 years, Daniela Ascencio.  She is amazing with pastry and has such an incredible eye for detail.

Center right, is my other sous chef Will Smith who assisted Chef Eric and I with mise en place for the photo shoot. Center left with the beard is my former sous chef Taylor Young.   Both he and Will helped with the cookbook by assisting Charideen Spencer and keeping the kitchen running.

In the kitchen with me for the photo shoot, Piero Premoli, Executive Chef of Pricci.

Not in the picture above but to whom I owe a sincere debt of gratitude are two other chefs— Piero Premoli, Executive Chef of Pricci – not only did he help me stay focused during the photo shoot but kept me stay calm – he is one of my best friends.   The other Chef is my sous chef, Charideen Spencer, who I mentioned kept the kitchen running.  She opens Kyma everyday and during the making of the cookbook, assisted Chef Eric and I with the recipe testing and during the shoot, made sure the restaurant was fully ready for service everyday.

Charideen Spencer, shown rushing throughout the Kyma kitchen during the photo shoot preparation.

The behind the scenes photos (and video) are all by another very talented photographer, Galina Juliana, who came to watch Francesco work his photography magic, and ended up being with us for three days to document it all.