Greek honey is considered the best in the world because it is produced from bees that feed on countless wild plants that are part of the Greek flora, which is the richest in Europe.

Greek honeys are richer in aromatic substances as compared to other honeys; they have less humidity, which means they are denser and richer. Greek honey is one of the most nutritional, natural foods, filled with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

I passionately believe Greek honey is the best in the world. Greek mythology says Zeus was raised on honey.

In Greece bees feast on wild blossoms of pine, heather, chestnut, fir, wildflowers, oranges and herbs like thyme. Each of these honeys has its own distinct color from rich mahogany to red to light gold. Flavors range from an intense herbal taste to the slight bitterness of chestnut honey. Thyme honey is prized because thyme fed bees produce less honey making it more rare and more expensive.

Honey has a revered place in Greek cuisine. It is drizzled over Greek cheeses and desserts, accompanies Greek yogurt, is the main ingredient in many recipes, and is used in salad dressings and sauces.