This is the family run vineyard in the Mylopotamos area of Crete that bears the fruit that becomes Chef Pano Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Olives and olive oil are essentials of Greek life. The country’s love affair with the olive stretches back centuries. Fossilized olive oil leaves, believed to be 60 thousand years old, have been found on the Greek Islands.  Ancient Greek cuisine was founded on the Mediterranean triad: wheat, olive oil, and wine.

Currently Greece is one of the top three olive oil producing countries in the world.  The Greeks are today the first consumers of olive oil compared to any other people.

Extra virgin olive oil, the golden green oil extracted from the first cold pressing of olives, is used in some form in most traditional Greek dishes. Kalamata olive oil is prized in the Islands for its bold taste and low acidity. Greeks use olive oil in cooking, as well as an accompaniment for crusty breads and sprinkled over salads.


“There are dozens of wonderful and award winning Greek wines that rank among the best in the world.  I have tasted and cooked with many of them, but this Chef Pano branded olive oil is the best I have ever experienced.  I discovered it, brought it back to the US to work with it at Kyma, and well, if you’ve been in recently, you may have tasted it.”